Leveraging technology to create engaging employee experiences

It’s no secret that employee engagement is a critical factor for an employee’s output and company Success. Engaged employees are more profitable, productive, and maintain better customer relationships. They are also less likely to leave an organization and see far fewer incidents and absenteeism. 

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The challenge for organizations is despite the significant investment in HR solutions; employee engagement has flatlined at around 65%. This stagnation in employee engagement is creating avoidable turnover with one of the biggest reasons for leaving is a lack of perceived career development.

Global talent mobility can be an important lever for organizations to engage and retain their top talent by providing high performers with opportunities outside their home office. However, relocations themselves can be a fragmented, messy, and chaotic experience that can lead to employee stress and a feeling of being lost at sea. 

So how can organizations effectively leverage mobility to support employee engagement and ensure that their employee experience is a positive one? 

The key is to create a mobility experience that brings together these four elements:

  • The items an employee must complete and how to achieve them;
  • Streamlined and consistent interactions;
  • Tailored and personal approach;
  • Modern, data-driven, and digital experience. 

The number one piece of feedback that we hear from employees around the world is that their relocation experience is fragmented and inconsistent. Whether that is logging in to numerous platforms or systems, or having out of date intranet pages, or manuals clutter their to-do list. Employees today are looking for an integrated approach to their relocation. Why should they have to provide their passport to seven different service providers?

Moving is an emotional process. Therefore elements of research and service must be curated for the individual involved. One example is location discovery information. This information can be tailored to highlight neighborhoods that fit with an individual’s need for parks and open spaces, or their family’s need to be near a particular school.


Lastly, employees are beginning to demand the same level of modern, digital experience from their day-to-day technology that they already use to manage their lives. Why should the tools they use to manage their relocations global assignments be any different?

Topia delivers a modern, consumer-grade employee experience through a deeply integrated platform. With Topia Manage and Topia Go, we’re able to provide an integrated technology solution for HR Teams and relocating employees to improve employee engagement, streamline tasks, and centralize document submission/storage.

For example, using these applications, a mobility manager can create a task for an employee to upload their passport information and photo. The employee can then log into a single place to upload and securely store that information. Once the data is in that single hub, it is available for securely sharing with the necessary parties such as an immigration law firm. 

With Topia Go, an employee can access detailed information about their new city and office with details configured by the HR team, ensuring a relevant and valuable experience.

By leveraging integrated technology tools to create a modern relocation experience organizations can: 

  • Reduce back and forth emails
  • Minimize the risk of data leakage
  • Reduce frustration over multiple duplicate information requests
  • Alleviate employee and family stress
  • Increase relocation success rates
  • Improve employer brand and employee engagement

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