Leveraging Technology to Make Relocation More Human

Across the board, technology fosters efficiency by automating manual, redundant processes making them less time consuming and more affordable. For some roles however, the replacement of humans with technology is viewed negatively due to the perception that operations are cold and impersonal. A common concern is current technologies are not capable of perceiving emotions or comprehending the context of a situation like humans can. Technology relating to relocation services is often associated with an experience lacking support, empathy and compassion. This, however, is not necessarily the case.

Reducing the workload for HR so you can focus on the unique needs of the employee

The efficiencies created by technology can actually make the relocation process more personal. Think about the numerous tasks associated with the preparation, ongoing, and repatriation aspects of a move. Managing cost estimates, contacting vendors, organizing housing, and providing details around personal needs are just a few. HR and mobility teams are burdened with juggling these tasks, facilitating communication between necessary parties, and providing guidance for multiple transferees at once.

A GMM solution assists in managing and automating the time intensive–yet critical–administrative tasks facing mobility team. This creates an opportunity to bring the human element into critical parts of the relocation process. Freeing up this time for HR to better examine how to serve their mobile population – whether that’s new flexible policies or providing more personal touch and support during moves.

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Creating Value for your Mobile Employee

The stress of a relocation or assignment can weigh heavy on the mobile employee. The last thing you want to do is provide them with a cookie-cutter PDF package full of information that may or may not be relevant to their unique situation. Information regarding their destination city, benefits they’re receiving, transition details to the new office and more should all be tailored to the relocating employee. Leveraging a GMM solution allows you to do just that.

Pairing technology with personal support allows employees to quickly resolve any obstacles that may arise. For example, a global case management system enables those supporting your mobile workforce  to respond to an employee wherever they are with clear information about their move status and circumstance. Incorporating live chat into your relocating employees’ relocation portal gives an option for instant communication as questions arise.


Utilize Technology to Make Everyone’s Life Easier

Although technology implementation within the relocation process is often perceived as less human, the automation GMM programs provides enables an enhanced employee relocation experience. The relocating employee, HR department, and mobility team benefits from a less mundane, more pleasant experience with time to focus on the aspects of relocation that directly contribute to employee experience and retention.

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