Side-by-side simulations driving flexibility across your workforce

In this blog, Topia Director of Product Management, Chantel Rowe, explores the thinking and approach to one of our exciting Spring Release features, side-by-side simulations.

If 2020 gave the workforce anything, it was choice. Workers have more opportunities to choose from. Roles can be performed from more locations around the world. Hiring managers have more global candidate options, and candidates more companies to differentiate between. Therefore, HR and mobility teams have more ways in which they can support their business partners to get the best talent into teams, and work with employees to use mobility as a key talent management tool. 

Building our side by side simulations tool was so much fun, as we knew we were building tools which represented the future of mobility. We imagined a manager comparing three candidates in different locations, or working in real time with their mobility specialists and valued talent to model together the different ways in which they could get their people in the right seats globally. 

The tool has been specifically designed to be used by non-mobility users across the business – no jargon, no complicated configuration, no complex tax options. Just clear everyday language, clean visualizations and easy inputs backed by Topia’s powerful mobility policy, cost and tax engines. Every mobility manager wants to offer empowerment to their business stakeholders, and support agile, data driven decision making in the heat of the moment when businesses need to make fast decisions – this tool is exactly that, aiming to make mobility teams champions to their stakeholders by not being involved in a game of excel/email tag when speed and experience are important. 

And this is just the beginning – you’ll notice we haven’t called this a cost simulation tool. Or a cost estimate tool. Whilst cost has always been a key factor in deciding who to move, where, it’s becoming decreasingly important. Cost can be controlled through policy, through offering things like core-flex budgeted moves, and more often than not the cost of losing a talent or not filling a role is far greater than the cost of any relocation package. 

For us, simulating a potential mobility experience is also about comparing:

  • immigration application times
  • ‘time to ramp’
  • overall culture and personality fit for the employee and family
  • risk of losing the employee
  • Impact on succession planning and talent management

and we’ll be looking to build on our core simulation foundations to bring a more holistic, wide ranging simulation experience to our customers.

We’re very excited to get our customers exploring the possibilities of mobility with Topia’s new side by side simulations tool, and look forward to continuing to lead the market in fast, intuitive, user focussed and data driven solutions to the world’s complex workforce challenges. To learn more about side-by-side simulations you can read the fact sheet here or request a demo to see it in action.