Announcing Topia's Summer 2023 Product Updates

Our latest release covers a lot of ground and the features we launched or improved have allowed us to deliver greater security measures, solutions to specific customer feedback and an expanded integration landscape. We have also been able to lay solid foundations for some major new features which will be released before the end of this year. 

One thing that we always strive for in the product is ease of use so that our customers feel comfortable opening up Topia to as many users in their organization as they need to. We want them to feel confident that these users will be able to get into the platform, easily self-serve, get what they need to do done quickly and get back to their day jobs. To support this, we’ve spent a lot of time making enhancements that reduce friction for users and enable them to reduce the amount of time they spend working on various tasks in the system.

Here’s a brief overview of the key improvements now available as part of the latest product release:

Expanded Bulk Recalculation Capabilities

In addition to our new bulk compensation refresh processes launched earlier this year, we’ve enhanced the processes to allow for bulk import and recalculation in relation to one-time payments (such as bonuses or other primes) and bulk creating outputs of the resulting cost estimates and compensation worksheets for communicating changes to the employees or business.

Launch of Our New Rates Configuration Tool

We’ve completed improvements to our new Rates configuration tool and opened this up to our customer users in the Topia Configuration Hub - enabling them to view and manage cost and compensation rates and indices in Topia and view our off-the-shelf rates, making it easier to manage refresh processes and update costings.

Easier Review Experiences for Remote Work Requests

When employees or business users are reviewing remote work requests and outcomes, we’ve improved the experience to enable both employees and employers to see how they’re tracking against policy and risk thresholds, the trip balances remaining and risks raised. These insights will improve visibility into trends and enable better decision-making.

Better Experiences for Data Gathering

Many of our tasks center around data gathering from users - information about themselves, families, documents, remote work requests and more. We’ve improved the user experience related to the tasks users have to carry out to get this information into the system. This allows employees to quickly provide information, review what’s already there, and get back to their day.

Expansion of Our Standard Fragomen Integration

We’ve updated our standard Fragomen integration to include more frequent data syncs on a nightly basis to ensure customers have the most up-to-date information possible.

Our new features don’t stop there. Here’s a quick dive into some of the additional features now available:

  • Customers who use the Topia Global Immigration Library will see links to location-specific immigration information throughout the platform. The links will give quick access to information about regulations, timelines and application processes when reviewing risk assessments or mobility information.

  • We’ve added the ability for our Topia Compass customers to configure threshold alert notifications to go to their HR team when an employee’s travel indicates they may be about to reach a risk threshold.

  • To better manage pay splits in our compensation worksheets, we’ve given users the option to ‘lock’ the amount in a location - meaning that should the amount of income change, for example as part of a salary review, the balance of the new amount will always be added to the other location, rather than split according to the % input.

  • You can now differentiate in the system between users that have access to Topia and those that do not (and are just in the system for data tracking purposes) - this enables more user information to be tracked in the system, included in documents and fed to/from other systems and vendors without needing to onboard users into the Topia platform.

    And lastly, here’s a sneak preview of new features coming in our next release which are now in final iteration and testing stages:
  • We’ll be launching our ‘Groups’ functionality, allowing customers to manage mobility for project teams, contracts, office relocations, termination programs or any other reason that a group of business travelers, commuters, assignees or relocatees would need to be mobilized together. The feature will include group cost simulations, workflows, data management and more.

  • We’ll also be launching a French language version of the product. We look forward to being able to provide a native language experience for our French-speaking customers and their employees.

    To learn more about our latest feature updates you can contact your Customer Success Manager if you’re an existing customer. If you’re not yet using Topia but want to learn more please email and a member of our team will be in touch.