5 Reasons to be excited about the Topia + BCD Travel Partnership

Earlier this month we announced the partnership between Topia and BCD Travel to automate business travel and distributed workforce compliance with Topia Compass. We couldn’t be more excited about this relationship and what it means for our joint customers. Here are five reasons why you should be excited too!

1) Streamlined compliance management – With this partnership, BCD can automatically feed client travel booking data to Topia. Topia Compass then calculates tax exposures, multi-jurisdiction payroll withholdings, and immigration requirements while also supporting the Posted Workers Directive and other compliance matters. This streamlines compliance management, eliminates the stress of trying to tackle these issues manually with excel or other approaches not fit for purpose, or worst of all have exposure to significant non-compliance risks go unaddressed.

2) A best-in-class solution – Topia and BCD are leaders in their respective spaces. This partnership enables the Topia and BCD solutions to integrate with a standard, off the shelf API built and managed by the two teams to ensure reliability and security. Joint customers can rest assured knowing they’re receiving the best in travel and compliance management through an integrated and secure solution that will always work. 

3) Go live in weeks with minimal effort – If you’re an existing BCD customer, then adding compliance management with Topia Compass can happen in a few weeks. Best of all, the BCD and Topia teams handle turning on the integration for customer accounts, so almost no effort is required on the customer side. 

4) Audit protection – In today’s increasingly complex and aggressive regulatory environment, companies need to ensure they are adhering to local regulations and have the data to prove it. Topia Compass provides auditable and defensible data in case of audits, shortening their duration and protecting established tax positions. 

5) A great experience for employees – No one who regularly travels for work wants to spend extra time reporting where they were and for how long – particularly high-value employees. With Topia and BCD, mobile employees no longer need to manually self-report their travels – past, present or future. It also saves time for finance/payroll/HR teams with automated reports for withholding allocations, PE risk, and more. 

To learn more about the Topia and BCD Travel partnership, read our press release or download this one-page brochure. Existing BCD customers can find Topia on the SolutionSource Marketplace® or speak to their Program Manager to get started today.