Topia’s Fall '21 Release: Extended pre-travel capabilities, powerful configurability, and more

In Topia’s Fall ‘21 product release we have a bevy of new features and functionality that expand the controls, reporting, and configurability available within the Topia product suite.

Continued expansion of Pre-Travel workflow capabilities for compliance management

Last quarter we announced the addition of pre-travel workflows for compliance management, a feature that further brings business travel - and managing compliance surrounding it - into the fold of mobility. With this release, we added a slew of new items designed to increase visibility into the status of pre-travel assessments, understand the outcome of those assessments, and overall better manage the process. 

Here’s what’s included in this release:

  • A business travel timeline showing all key events relating to all business trips for an employee.
    This continues on our goal to easily surface mobility information in digestible formats. With the timeline, you can see key dates and take action accordingly. 
  • Automatically track the status of all downstream services relating to business travel - such as tax return filings or visa applications.
    Users can quickly dive into a particular application to get the details of status, milestones, and core data.
  • Search and filter trips in an individuals’ person view.
    Making it easier to manage pre-travel risk for frequent travelers and review historical information
  • New dashboards and reports around pre-travel workflows including: Travel Dashboard, showing trends and high-risk areas across the traveling population to help users identify key areas of focus; Pre-Travel Assessment Detail Report, which summarizes the detail of all trips and assessments performed; Employee Travel Overview, dives into the travel and risks raised for a particular employee.

For a quick tour of the latest Pre-Travel compliance workflow features watch this short video.



All about self-service configuration

The Topia One platform introduced the industry’s first standardized data model which enables us to provide unparalleled insights, efficiency, and ease of use to our customers. We were able to do that while still balancing the need for important configurability because as any mobility pro will tell you, every program is unique. 

In this release, we’ve expanded the self-service tools available to our HR and Mobility users, including expanded access to the built-in “Configuration Hub” in the Topia One platform, where all the policies, workflows, and unique elements of your program are set. 

New to the Config Hub in this release: 

  • Compensation Worksheet Configuration Tool - The ability to configure and maintain Compensation Worksheet Templates, allowing for quick and easy implementation and maintenance of compensation worksheet template configurations
  • Policy Configuration Download Tool - Users can download a formatted Excel document that provides a comprehensive view of the implemented policies and their attributes, a comparable benefits matrix, and detailed benefits and scope configurations.

Along the configuration lines, we’ve also made it possible to... 

  • Create ‘custom’ locations in our places API to cater for the use case of things like offshore drilling locations, army bases, ships, etc. which are specific to a given customer.
  • Configure the age bracket of a school-aged child per customer as some consider school-age children 5-18, whereas another customer may consider that bracket to be 3-21depending on policy and host location.


The “odds and ends” that make life better

Rounding out this release we’ve added a bunch of items that just help things run smoother for our end users. They include: 

  • A new User management dashboard, helping managers and superusers keep up to date with who is accessing the system, how often, and maintain user security.
  • Multiple email domain support for logins, allowing orgs to set a group of emails they use, for example,,, where a user can effectively have multiple email addresses.
  • Flexible authentication permissioning, which better supports configuring how employees can authenticate when logging into Topia Go, via SSO, username/password, 2factor, etc, based on customer requirements.


The fall release delivers a number of “quality of life” improvements to the Topia platform that reinforce our commitment to delivering modern, consumer-grade technology and delightful experiences for our users. Interested in seeing how Topia is setting the bar for great global talent mobility technology? Schedule a demo today.