Creating The Building Blocks for The New World of Mobility

Here at Topia we are pioneering the future of mobile and distributed workforce solutions to ensure our customers can adapt to the new world of work and ensure our solutions can support all kinds of approaches to how our customers are managing their distributed workforces.

As part of our Summer ‘22 product release, we brought in changes to our navigation structure - which is incredibly important to showcase what Topia stands for and where we’re going. 

As part of our next-generation product, released in 2020, we all but eradicatedTopia Summer 22' Release UI Update terms like ‘assignment’, ‘relocation’ or ‘case’ from our interface. Assignments and one-relocations, the traditional realm of mobility, are just one selection of ways in which our customers get employees working where they need to be, and fundamentally people aren’t ‘cases’ - they’re your core talent, going through fundamental life and career changes as part of their professional journey with your company. 

Now we’ve gone a step further. Users will now see a new ‘+’ menu, where they go to take constantly developing and expanding actions in Topia to support global work of any kind - from physically moving your talent around the world, to supporting global business travel, remote work or the sponsorship of an international and diverse talent pool.

This really reflects how we as a company see the world of global work, how the definition of ‘global mobility’ has rapidly expanded, and the increasing scope for mobility and HR teams to drive business objectives and manage company risk through a truly global and distributed workforce. 

Most recently, we’ve added functionality to support:

  • Our ‘pre-move check’ workflows allow users to ‘quickly initiate’ moves for immigration, tax or other checks or pre-move trips to the new location before investing the time in initiating the actual move.
  • Pre-travel assessments for business travel, fully automated through Topia’s immigration, tax, social security, and posted worker assessment engine.
  • Remote work request management, including automated validations against your remote work policy, processes and rules, and a pre-travel assessment for immigration, tax, social security, and posted worker driven by Topia’s engine, and
  • Workflows for initiating pre-hire immigration checks for potential employees needing sponsorship, or workflows for managing immigration sponsorship cases - including initial sponsorship, future extensions, and de-registrations as needed.

And this is just the beginning - this structure allows us to rapidly expand the populations we support as the world of work changes, the features we release, and the ways in which we can drive automation and best practice in these areas. Customers will always see the full realm of solutions - disabled where these are yet to be implemented - and can easily get in contact with their Customer Success Manager to talk through supporting these use cases with Topia. 

 Your organization can request a virtual tour of our solution here or email us directly with your request at