Trends in Global Mobility - Preparing for 2023 & Beyond.

The world of Global Mobility has evolved far beyond core mobility programs. The rise of remote and hybrid work, coupled with business travel, has resulted in global mobility teams having to manage workforces that are distributed more than ever before. In addition, employee trends have since shifted towards a more sustainable approach; with work-life balance rising to the top of most workforces top priorities. In this blog post, dive into what we deem to be the trends in global mobility this year and in years to come. 

1. Remote Work is Here to Stay

The need for flexible work has increased as a result of the global pandemic. 85% of HR professionals polled in our 2022 Adapt survey reported they expect remote work requests to increase. And in response to this influx, organizations are pivoting talent strategies to focus on remote work.

The shift to remote and hybrid working has been the most significant change over the past two years, regardless of industry or location. While remote work brings many benefits to the employee and employer, it adds challenges, complexity, and risks requiring organizations to invest in tools and technology designed to mitigate risk and simplify the process employees must follow when requesting remote options.

2. Talent Acquisition and Retention

Businesses hoping to attract top-talent must make remote work a key part of their talent strategy. According to the 2022 Topia Adapt Study, 96% of employees report feeling that flexible working arrangements are essential when seeking a new job. 

Retaining top talent is of utmost concern. 64% of people forced back to the office full-time say they’re more likely to look for a new job. And amid millions of quits every month, 41% of employees say the flexibility to work from home was a driving force in their decision.

Ensure you can attract and retain top talent by offering flexible work policies employees are looking for. Topia's technology can help meet the demands of employees without risking compliance, and more allows your team to avoid the mountains of manual work.

3. Work-life Balance

It's no secret that employee's priorities have shifted. Employees want a better work-life balance and a happier, easier existence. Consequently, providing a flexible working environment is of utmost importance in today's work environment. 

Technology is the key to enabling a flexible work environment that works for both the employee and employer. Organizations who lag in adopting nuanced workplace programs will continue to see a low employee retention rate, and heighten the chances of overall employee "burnout." 

Topia is here to help provide your organization with the technology needed to adopt a workforce program that meets the needs of both the employee and employer.

How Topia Can Help?

With Topia technology you can offer a modern remote work program by delivering the tools and technology you need to offer a true remote work program that is easy to manage, provides great experiences for employees, and keeps everyone compliant.

Topia’s remote work solution:

✔️Deliver automated workflows, reports, and notifications.
✔️Protect businesses and employees from audits and fines.
✔️Ensure remote work policies can be delivered at the scale your business needs.
✔️Empower businesses to embrace modern talent strategies without creating more work.

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