Level-Up Your Talent Management Strategy With Global Talent Mobility

In a recent blog post, we discussed how your company could address the current talent shortage in the workplace by implementing a global talent mobility strategy. Today, we’re taking a more in-depth look at how mobility integrates into your company’s overall talent management strategy.

Based on a 2018 study by ManpowerGroup, it has become clear that one-dimensional approaches to talent strategy no longer suffice. More than half of surveyed employers are investing in learning platforms and development tools to build their talent pipeline. Is your company one of them?

Leveling up your talent management strategy

To advance your company’s overall talent management strategy, you should be sensitive to the individual needs of employees. For example, deploying a single person requires an entirely different approach compared to an employee with a family and young children. Additionally, HR teams will need to support a broadening palette of employee scenarios, including short- and long-term assignments, permanent relocations, international and domestic new hires, business travelers, and remote workers. By adopting the right technology, you will offer a tailored and personalized experience for each employee.

A robust global talent mobility strategy also improves the ability to associate ROI to talent strategy by enabling accurate tracking and reporting of costs and business outcomes and combining them with talent metrics like retention and employee performance. Topia’s global talent mobility platform provides a standardized data model enabling systems and vendors to communicate with one another – unlocking new business and talent insights. With this information available at-a-glance, your business can justify the strategic investment in employee deployment. 

Finally, a fully mature talent mobility strategy ensures positive employee experiences and engagement. A positive employee experience, in turn, leads to less employee turnover and higher company loyalty. According to a recent study, 65% of companies using global mobility strategies report a positive impact on talent retention, new business growth, and financial performance. By investing in global talent mobility technology solution, you are investing in the future of your employees and future hires. An investment in a global talent mobility solution positively contributes to the overall talent recruitment and management strategies of your business. 

Managing your talent pipeline

When it comes to managing talent pipelines and talent retention, a fully mature global talent mobility strategy packs a one-two punch. First, it benefits the company by allowing organizations to attract and deploy critical talent across the globe. The ability to efficiently deploy key players creates balanced, fluid, and successful teams and unlocks talent pools previously unavailable. Second, it helps employees by enabling them to grow their skills and abilities while gaining transformative experiences. 

In the constant struggle to attract and retain employees, operating in a global playing field gives you the advantage needed to hire and keep the best talent available – particularly when there are skills shortages and stiff competition. The ability to recruit and deploy the right candidate regardless of location means you can operate with agility and efficiency and provide opportunities that will keep your best employees around. By retaining and developing top talent, the need to hire at your company will decrease, and your talent pipeline will remain stable.

Global talent mobility is transforming the way talent strategy supports and furthers business goals. Delivering engaging employee experiences keeps employees happy, productive, and loyal to your company. And opening up talent markets with the ability to efficiently deploy talent gives your business a competitive edge. But all this is only possible with a high performing global talent mobility program. To see how your talent mobility organization is performing, and steps you can take to improve, take our complimentary Global Talent Mobility Assessment