Global Mobility Management is Heating Up

Last month Topia was named as a “Hot Vendor in Global Mobility Management” by Aragon Research. We always appreciate being recognized for the solution we’re building and the value we’re bringing to the marketplace, but this report is important for another reason. The significance of this report is that analyst firms like Aragon are starting to take notice and highlight the important role global mobility management plays in global business and people strategy.

As highlighted in the report:

“Today, enterprises are faced with the reality of a global economy, where countries are connected by the internet and transcend traditional borders. The complementary searches for talent and opportunities do not stop at state or national borders, and this is where mobile recruiting constraints, including cost, complexity, compliance, and cultural issues, come into play.

Global Mobility Management is an emerging [technology] category that covers the overall business process of people movement. Today, the process of moving people around is manual, time-consuming, and highly frustrating to people being moved. Global Mobility Management platforms help automate and digitize what has historically been a manual and non-automated process. The ability to make faster, evidence-based mobility management decisions will provide a competitive advantage for early adopters of GMM platforms.”

Not only will efficiently leveraging mobile talent be a competitive advantage, but it will be a necessity for agile organizations and the changing work structures in the “future of work.

Why was Topia included as a hot vendor to watch?

According to the team at Aragon, “What makes Topia hot is that it can handle all the various aspects of global talent management such as planning, relocation, and payroll—with a single dashboard that provides an overview of it all. Users can see their most important tasks, and have visibility into details about each aspect through the other platforms.”

Topia is taking the lead in providing a software solution that enables organizations to effectively and efficiently leverage globally mobile talent all the while ensuring compliance. Organizations that move employees around the globe are facing increasingly sophisticated tax and immigration authorities, with large penalties for non-compliance. Topia minimizes the risk of adopting a robust mobile talent strategy.

We’re excited to be highlighted as a hot vendor in the Global Mobility Management space, but also that organizations are starting to realize the strategic importance this function has for global business. To download the full report which covers the strategic role of global mobility management and what types of organizations should invest in these capabilities today, click here.